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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

comics-strips - Hypnosis

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What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a situation close to sleeping situation the different is that the person who is hypnotized is awake.
The hypnotist have the ability to make the hypnotic to do anything he want, he can, as well, help the hypnotic to remember thing that he couldn’t remember when he was awake, for more information you can also read about it .

How to hypnotize someone?

There are many ways to hypnotize a person the most common is with a Pendulum by moving it from side to side in front of the person face, after a while he falls into this mental state called “Hypnosis”.

What is the different between a shock situation and hypnosis?

When people are hypnotized they are very calm and peaceful, on the other hand when people are in shock situation usually they are very upset.

In the funny comics strip above you can see clearly the different between shock and hypnosis, at first the blue funny monster is hypnotized and later the grey serious monster is shocked…

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

comics-strips - Heating sun

Is the sun dangerous?

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In the last years many scientists are talking about the global warming,

Why this is happening? Why the earth is warming up?

Is it because of us, the humans? Is it The pollution that we cause and creates this effect?
Or maybe the reason is more simple, the sun is heating up.
Some scientists says the sun is heating and there nothing we can do about it except of buying a good Air Conditioner.

What are the best ways to protect ourselves from the heating sun?

To protect the skin it is recommended to use a good sunscreen and to wear a long-sleeved shirt, wearing a Stetson hat is the best way to protect the head, and the most important is not to forget to drink fresh water especially at summer.

The better way to survive a hot summer day is to spend the whole day sleeping in a air conditioned room or awake in a cool swimming pool with a tasty ice cream to refresh yourself.
In the comics strip above you can see that the sun is very dangerous if the precaution isn’t taken before…

Monday, July 4, 2011

comics strips - The Dogs Reflection

where is right side?
this dog have the answer...
About dogs and mirrors
What is a mirror? well, it’s a perfect reflection of the light on an object – the mirror,
Throw this object we can see what is behind us, and ourselves as well.

Animals and mirrors

Do animals understands what they see when they look throw a mirror? Do dogs see themselves or another dog that seems to be similar to them? The same question is common about cats too.
The answer is – it depends on the dog or cat, some dogs are dumb and see another strange dog and some dogs are smarter and see themselves, you can know this by observing them, if the dog is angry and restless so this is a dumb dog, in the other hand, if the dogs reacting by licking his reflection on the mirror – you own a real smart dog! Congratulations!

In the funny comics strip above you can see a dog and his reflection, at start we could think this is a stupid dog because he is angry on his reflection but surprisingly the reflection leave and go away.

The classic and philosophic question that comes from this comics strip is of course:
Who is the real one? Where is the reflection? Maybe our side is the reflection?
If you have a good answer for it I’ll be more then happy to know about it (you can write it as a comment to this post),

If you ask me, In my opinion, we’ll never know for sure.