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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The cat and the wrong mouse.

This poor cat messed with the wrong mouse...
comics strips - the cat and wrong mouse

when a cat is catching a little mouse he should check what kind of mouse is in his hand.
maybe it's a cruel mouse and not a cute one, like in this tragic funny comics strip.
in the end the cruel mouse looks even cute.


  1. Ho no!!!
    poor cat :(
    evil mouse!!!

  2. The alternative "Tom and jerry" cartoon!

  3. The mouse always wins, it's not fair!
    I want, for ones the cat wins and eat the bloody mouse!
    please can you do that for me?

  4. I like this strip a lot. I'm a big fan of the simple 3 square format. do you draw these on your own or use a program?
    either way, it's great. I use a different system myself, you can see it on: